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Marketing Events Management
Marketing Events Team
Event Marketing Experts
Event Management
On-Demand Support
Instant Team Upgrade
As Much or As Little As You Need
Success Without the Stress!
On-Demand Support
Instant Team Upgrade
As Much or As Little As You Need
Success Without the Stress!
On-Demand Support
Instant Team Upgrade
As Much or As Little As You Need
Success Without the Stress!
On-Demand Support
Instant Team Upgrade
Don’t Fall Further Behind

Event experts ready to engage as much (or as little) as you need

At Thinkstream, we're passionate about events! That's why we've created Thinkstream FastForward™ to help our customers accelerate progress. Using proven frameworks, valuable vendor relationships, and specialized expertise, we help corporate marketing teams move mountains! Whether you need daily assistance with event related tasks, or project-based support, we'll be the right team all the time or anytime!

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Event Marketing Experts
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Environmental Design
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Events as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Okay, here's where we make you a superhero. From strategy to show day, we curate every detail to the highest standards. Get your time back in three quick steps:

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Meet your team lead, receive access to your dashboard and dedicated Slack channel.

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Let us know how we can help. We tackle your tasks and keep you in the loop on the daily!

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Internal hires are expensive and risky, limiting you to one brain.
Thinkstream is different. Our team is ready to tackle any and all of your event needs.
Big results with a transparent price. No more wasted overhead.
Reclaim your time and save your budget!

Internal hire
Events Manager
Event Team

$100,000+ Salary

You choose!

One person

Expert pros

401K contributions

No 401K contributions

Sick pay

No sick pay

Limited ideas

Unlimited ideas

Limited contacts

Huge number of contacts

Limited schedule and bandwidth

A team with all hands on deck

Chance they may quit

We’re not going anywhere

Might not need them all year

Use us as much as you need

I'm Sold! Let's go!
Need help now? We got you!

Introducing FastForward

Some projects need to get started yesterday. So we've created streamlined support for any and all event management tasks. Upon sign up, gain instant access to your event team and unique customer dashboard. From there, you simply provide the details and descriptions of your event needs, and we turn around results in as little as 48 hours.

Let's start checking tasks off your list!

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FastForward Event Venue Sourcing
A team the Avengers are jealous of

Need a full team to execute your events?

When you need all hands on deck, we're ready! Thinkstream is an instant extension of your team. From strategy and logistics to creative and promotion - we have you covered.