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Events are an incredible vehicle for change and furthering your organization's charitable iniatives. From gift-for-good programs to sustainable meetings, we help direct your dollars wisely while considering people + planet!

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Plastic Pollution in Oceans:

According to the Ocean Conservancy, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the world's oceans each year. This plastic pollution is harmful to marine life and ecosystems.

How You Can Help:

- Reduce Single Use Plastics at your Event
- Provide Reusable Water Bottles
- Use eco-friendly badges and sign materials
- Give to Charity in liu of Swag

Impact the Future of Events


We believe in vetting vendors and venues that practice sustainability and seek green certs.


Build a stem kit, personal care packages, books for foster kids. We can recommend activities for good.

Carbon Offset

We'll help guide your team to make decisions that can reduce carbon or buy off-set credits.


We'll help design a plant-based menu for groups that have a focus on compassion.


We'll arrange donations to a local to give event supplies to a group in need.

Eco-Friendly Swag

Not all gifts are created equal. We had a CMO of a top technology company tell us,
if it's not thoughtful, useful and beautiful we don't want to gift it. Pretty great advice.

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