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As an event producer, partnering with Thinkstream has been a game-changer for me. Their attention to detail, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our client's success have transformed how I plan events. It's 100% collaboration. I'm so happy I joined the team!

- Kessa Pellum, Sr. Associate Producer
Our Mission

Kind People Unite

Our journey began with a vision to create kind & compassionate events.
We believe in collaboration over competition.

Since 2022, we've built a collective of over 100+ likeminded event experts and production pros, allowing us to serve top technology companies to drive economic growth.

Our mission extends beyond profit. We care deeply about people.

We focus on mental health, equality, sustainable event practices, and promoting safe and fair working conditions. The industry has been known to exploit and underpay.
People are mistreated, overworked, and expected to endure stressful experiences.

Not here. Not on our watch.

Our sights are set higher. Inhumane business practices are not tollerated.

We commit to serving our collective through offering financial education, career development and benefits like parental support, mental health services and pet care.

We also donate 10% of our time and profits to purpose-led innovation projects to make our communities more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate.

Our goal is to become the largest collective of its kind in the US, setting new standards in event industry well-being, while making a meaningful difference in the world.

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What we believe in

Respect For All
Respect for all

We believe in creating a culture of respect, where everyone is valued and appreciated.


Our team members are empowered to make decisions and take full ownership.


We value creative thinking and innovation. We recognize its importance in driving  progress.


We plan with the environment in mind, it's our responsibility to protect the planet.


Our collective efforts are greater than the sum of our parts. We're all about team.

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